Nick Santonastasso is a fitness athlete, model, motivational speaker, and the CEO of Raw Mettle Motivations. Nick was diagnosed at birth with Hanhart Syndrome which is an extremely rare genetic disorder that can either leave the baby with undeveloped organs or limbs with only a 30% chance to live. With there only being 12 known cases, and unfortunately 9 of them resulting in death, Nick is forever grateful to be alive and to be able to bring extreme value to others lives.

When Nick was a sophomore in highschool he made the decision to amputate some of his shorter arm so he was able to use it more physically and become a wrestler. With his never give up mindset and extreme work ethic, after being a JV wrestler his junior year, he became the 106lb varsity wrestler of his high school Central Regional in Bayville, NJ.

Ever since the age of 12 Nick has been all over TV including appearances on The Today Show, CNN, and FOX. However when the popular app Vine came out, Nick became an internet sensation with his massively viral zombie pranks that led him to getting hired by FOX International to prank Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead in Tokyo, Japan.

Everyone thought that a career in pranking was it for Nick, but he had something else planned for the world. At the age of 19, Nick decided that he wanted to leave behind the life of simply just being a prankster and sought out to become a fitness model, motivational speaker, and a world-renowned public figure. Many of his followers were confused and some not supportive at first, because no one knew how he was going to exactly accomplish these goals.

However, fast forward a year and a half later and Nick has not only shocked the fitness industry, but the world. In September of 2016, Nick was signed to the number ONE rated supplement company in the world, KAGED MUSCLE, and only a few months later Nick was contacted by Reebok to work on the Be More Human campaign, with other athletes such as JJ Watt and Connor Mcgregor. Moving forward, Nick sets out to inspire and motivate the world through his hard work and dedication.