Nick’s main goal is to give extreme value to a mass amount of people. From speaking at corporations about leadership, work ethic and how to be the best possible version of yourself to churches and schools where he preaches about the importance of loving yourself and being comfortable in your skin.

“It is extremely vital that we connect with these kids, they are our future.” says Nick.

Speaking about anything from his life story to motivate and show that you can accomplish anything in this world despite the limitations you may think you have, to suicide prevention and anti-bullying. You name it and Nick covers it, guaranteeing that from the kids to the teachers and corporate workers/ CEO’s that everyone will leave that presentation feeling refreshed, extremely motivated and most importantly with a whole new outlook on life.

“I have been put on this Earth to give value to those who need motivation, inspiration and a better mindset through my hard work and accomplishments despite being born with no legs and one arm.”


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If people see all the amazing accomplishments and goals I am crushing from personal health to owning my own company at the age of 20 despite my disability, they can then realize their true potential if they REALLY want something in life. Nick Santonastasso fitness athlete, model, motivational speaker, CEO of Raw Mettle Motivations